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Small housing developers in Scotland: report

A report on a survey of small housing developers in Scotland, exploring their expectations for building in the future and barriers they face.

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60 page PDF

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Small housing developers in Scotland: report
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60 page PDF

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ISBN978 1 78652 606 9
PPDAS 83570

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Executive Summary
Help to Buy

1. Introduction and Respondents
Share of business
Help to Buy
Research Questions
    A note on use of language
Respondent Characteristics

2. Output
Types of work
    Types of work - all
    Types of work - small and medium
    Types of Work - Rural, semi-rural and urban
Private or social sector building
    Private or social sector building - All
    Private or social sector building - Small and medium
    Private or social sector building - Rural, semi-rural and urban
Homes sold by cost category
    Homes sold by cost category - All
    Homes sold by cost category - small and medium
    Homes sold by cost category - rural, semi-rural and urban

3. Obstacles
Obstacles as experienced by all respondents
    Financial obstacles - All respondents
    Planning obstacles - All respondents
    Infrastructure (S75) obstacles - All respondents
    Utility delays - All
    Lack of Skills - All
Obstacles - Small and medium
    Obstacles - Rural, semi-rural, urban

4. Solutions
Suggested solutions - Central government action
Suggested solutions - Central government influence
Suggested solutions - Local government action
Suggested solutions - The industry and individual developers

5. Help to Buy

Annex A: Method and Detailed Tables
    A note on timeframes
    A note on sample size
    A note on 'base' sizes
Detailed Tables

Annex B: Detailed analysis of Obstacles by groups of respondents - to supplement summary in Chapter 3
Obstacles - Small and Medium
Financial obstacles - small and medium
Planning Obstacles - Small and Medium
Infrastructure (S75) Obstacles - Small and Medium
Utility delays - Small and Medium
Land availability and lack of skills - Small and Medium
Obstacles conclusion - small and medium
Obstacles - Rural, Semi-rural and Urban
Financial obstacles - Rural, Semi-rural and Urban
Infrastructure Obstacles - Rural, Semi-rural and Urban
Planning Obstacles - Rural, Semi-rural and Urban
Utility Delays - Rural, Semi-Rural and Urban
Land, Market Demand and Lack of Skills - Rural, Semi-rural, Urban
Obstacles conclusion - Rural, Semi-rural and Urban

Annex C
Direct government action
Government influencing private sector funders
Local Government
Utility providers
Lack of skills
Actions for SMEs

How to access background or source data