Short Life Working Group on Prescription Medicine Dependence and Withdrawal: consultation analysis

Consultation analysis of recommendations from Short Life Working Group on Prescription Medicine Dependence and Withdrawal.

5. Appendix 2: Summary of online group discussion events

The Scottish Government held two online events as part of its consultation. These took place on 18/05/2021 and 19/05/2021. These events took the format of a summary of the work of the Short Life Working Group and the draft recommendations followed by 3 concurrent breakout groups that discussed specifics of the recommendations. The groups were:

1. Guidance for medical professionals

2. Advice and support for patients

3. Data and research

Summary of the main topics discussed within the two consultation events:

Resourcing: Primarily the need for additional resourcing in order for necessary changed to be achievable

IT/Digital solutions: Discussions focused around the role of digital/IT solutions, and their appropriateness in different situations, or with different groups. Concerns were raised around digital exclusion.

Joined up working: Multiple mentions of the need and benefit of greater joined up working amongst different actors within the healthcare sector.

Public health messaging: Discussions took place in regards to the benefit of public health messaging, and the potential form it should take.

Support services/support in general: Discussions focused on the need for greater support for patients generally, and an increase in the utilisation of support services in particular.

Patient empowerment: Patient empowerment was discussed through the lens of person centred care and patient advocacy.

Data: members discussed the importance of data and the types and level of data they were interested in.



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