Shifting normal - designing projects to tackle climate change: full guide

This guide is designed to help community groups tackling climate change maximise their success by taking account of how change happens when planning, carrying out and reviewing their activities.


The authors of this guide would like to thanks everyone who has contributed to its development, in particular members of the community groups who provided the case studies: the Falkland Centre for Stewardship; RecyColl; Transition Linlithgow and Sustaining Dunbar; who tested versions of the framework; UPower/Rural and Urban Training Scheme; Edinburgh and Lothian Regional Equality Council; Stoneyburn and Bents Future Vision Group; St Andrews Environmental Network and SHRUB Swap & Reuse Hub Co-operative. Thanks to the Scottish Communities Climate Action Network for helping arrange for community groups to provide case studies and to test the framework. Thanks also to staff in the University of Edinburgh's Department of Social Responsibility and Sustainability who gave feedback on a very early version of this framework.


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