Skills: shared outcomes framework

This framework is the means by which Skills Development Scotland and the Scottish Funding Council will monitor and report on collaborative projects that contribute to overarching skills outcomes.

Skills Development Scotland and the Scottish Funding Council

20. SDS and the SFC are responsible for the effective and efficient stewardship of investment to drive positive outcomes through the tertiary education, skills and research systems for the benefit of Scotland’s economy and society.

21. The strategic plans[5] [6] of both organisations are rooted in the National Performance Framework outcomes. These also support the delivery of key priorities relevant to skills, including Covid Recovery, the National Strategy for Economic Transformation and delivery of the missions of the Future Skills Action Plan.

22. SDS and SFC support employer leadership of apprenticeships through the Scottish Apprenticeship Advisory Board (SAAB). The SAAB is an industry led board that ensures apprenticeships in Scotland are fit for purpose and adapt to the changing needs of Scotland’s employers and economy. SAAB maintains the integrity of the apprenticeship family (Foundation, Modern & Graduate Apprenticeships) in Scotland. This includes overseeing governance of all apprenticeship frameworks and standards; ensuring apprenticeships are aligned with industry and economic demand; making recommendations on continuous improvement activities, including equalities & diversity; promoting apprenticeship pathways to employers and prospective apprentices.

23. This Shared Outcomes Framework describes only a part of the total activity delivered through each agency. It covers a number of collaborative projects, targeted towards meeting the vision for the skills system outlined at Figure 1, on which both agencies have agreed to work together, as part of the delivery of their wider remits (as outlined at Annex B).



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