SGF Healthy Living Programme Guidance for Promoting Produce

Guidance designed to help retailers decide what foods they can promote though the Healthy Living Programme and how to do it.


The SGF Healthy Living Programme provides a range of materials to help promote the products in this guidance. These include two sizes of stands so that retailers can choose what best fits the store. The Programme also uses chiller units which are subsidised for use by members. Finally, the Programme produces a broad range of branded in-store materials including shelf strips, wobblers, signage and recipe leaflets.

All materials are designed to stand out in-store and feature the Healthier Scotland brand. Examples of templates available for use in the creation of leaflets featuring produce is shown in chapter 4.

When creating or using any Healthy Living Programme materials to promote produce, retailers:

  1. Should only use foods from the tables in this guidance;
  2. Can use branded as well as unbranded produce;
  3. Could speak to their suppliers to source produce that meets the criteria in this guidance;
  4. Should only use phrases from tables 3 and 4 below[3]; and
  5. Should use materials to promote a range of produce or categories rather than individual products.

Table 3: General Statements permitted in the Healthy Living Programme

Breakfast - A great way to start the day
Fruit and Vegetables - Get on your way to 5 a day
Starchy Foods - Helping you to eat well
Making Lunch? - Helping you to eat well
Lunchtime - Grab one of these deals
Dinnertime - Try one of these recipes
Dinnertime - Enjoy a meal together

Table 4: Specific Product Statements permitted in the Healthy Living Programme

Frozen is as good for you as fresh
Low fat milk helps cut back fat
Fresh, frozen and tinned fish all contain vitamins and minerals.
Fruit and veg all contain vitamins and minerals
Check food labels before you buy and choose those containing less salt
Adding chopped fruit to your breakfast cereal counts towards your 5 a day
Adding vegetables to pasta sauces counts towards your 5 a day
Breakfast is a good way to start the day
Try lower fat milk
Lower fat milk is always an option
Water is always an option
Fruit is always an option


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