Serious Organised Crime strategy

The Serious Organised Crime Taskforce Strategy seeks to close the potential gap between intelligence and tasking through the better use of threat assessments and aims to reduce the harm caused by serious organised crime by ensuring that all partner bodies work together.


1. Changes made by Criminal Finances Act 2017.

2. Measures in the Serious Crime Act 2015 that have been commenced include those relating to Serious Crime Prevention Orders and child sexual exploitation.

3. The statutory definition set out in the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 section 28(3) states: "Serious Organised Crime means crime involving two or more persons acting together for the principal purpose of committing or conspiring to commit a serious offence or a series of serious offences.

'Serious offence' means an indictable offence— (a)committed with the intention of obtaining a material benefit for any person, or (b)which is an act of violence committed or a threat made with the intention of obtaining such a benefit in the future, and 'material benefit' means a right or interest of any description in any property, whether heritable or moveable and whether corporeal or incorporeal."

4. County Lines refers to criminals from larger cities who expand their operations into smaller towns. They endeavour to exploit young and vulnerable people to sell drugs, carry cash and weapons – bringing violence, coercion and abuse

5. From Scottish Government (2013) Public perceptions of organised crime in Scotland. Scottish Government Social Research

6. From "Community Experiences of Serious Organised Crime in Scotland" Scottish Government 2018

7. Quoted in Community Experiences of Crime in Scotland.



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