Sectoral marine plan: post adoption statement

Sets out the changes between the draft and final sectoral marine plan for offshore wind energy in accordance with Section 18(3) of the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005 (“the 2005 Act”).

8 Conclusion

8.1.1 The assessment process, incorporating the SEA, SEIA, HRA and overall SA, has been a useful and informative tool in assisting in the development of the Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind Energy and for highlighting the environmental, social and economic issues and benefits associated within the Plan.

8.1.2 The SEA process has identified the potential for negative effects on the environment, as a result of further offshore wind development. The process has considered these potential impacts and enabled mitigation measures to be devised/included which address the potential negative effects. With the implementation of the mitigation measures set out in the Environmental Report and the final Plan, it is considered that potential negative impacts can be adequately prevented, reduced or compensated during the implementation phase.

8.1.3 As part of the consultation process a number of changes, including revisions to the Draft Plan Option boundaries and functioning of the governance structure, were proposed. Each new action was reviewed prior to the production of this Post Adoption Statement to determine the likelihood of significant effects. The review indicated that each of these changes were unlikely to cause significant adverse effects or change the cumulative nature of the effects of the Plan on the marine environment or socio-economic receptors.

8.1.4 The Scottish Government is content that the level and scope of assessment is proportionate and, given the high-level nature of the Plan, it has been pitched at an appropriate level. This Post Adoption Statement concludes the assessment process, setting out the ways in which the findings of the SEA Environmental Report, SEIA, HRA and the views expressed during the consultation process have been taken into account within the Final Plan.



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