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Offshore wind energy - draft sectoral marine plan: regional locational guidance

Published: 18 Dec 2019
Marine Scotland Directorate
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Energy, Marine and fisheries

Regional locational guidance (RLG) prepared for the draft sectoral marine plan for offshore wind energy.

428 page PDF

37.0 MB

428 page PDF

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Offshore wind energy - draft sectoral marine plan: regional locational guidance
8 Abbreviations

428 page PDF

37.0 MB

8 Abbreviations

Abbreviation: Definition

AIS: Automatic Identification System

AONB: Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

AoS: Area of Search

ATBA: Area To Be Avoided

CalMac: Caledonian MacBrayne Clyde & Hebridean Ferries

CCC: Committee on Climate Change

CCS: Carbon Capture and Storage

Cebr: Centre for Economics and Business Research

Cefas: Business Research Ltd

CfD: Contract for Difference

cSAC: candidate Special Area of Conservation

DPO: Draft Plan Option

D&R: Demonstration and Research

EC: European Commission

EMEC: European Marine Energy Centre

ECU2: East Coast Onshore 275 kV Upgrade

EnFAIT: Enabling Future Arrays in Tidal

EOWDC: European Offshore Wind Demonstration Centre

ESAS: European Seabirds At Sea

ESCA: European Subsea Cables Association

EU: European union

FRMS: Flood Risk Management System

FTE: Full Time Equivalent

GEN: Generation

GIS: Geographic Information System

GVA: Gross Value Added

GW: Gigawatt

HIAL: Highlands and Islands Airports Ltd.

HIE: Highlands and Islands Enterprise

HM: Her Majesty

HMNB: Her Majesty's Naval Base

HMR: Helicopter Main Routes

HMS: Her Majesty's Ship

HRA: Habitat Regulations Appraisal

HSD2: Harbour Seal Decline 2

HVDC: High Voltage Direct Current

HWDT: Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust

IBA: Important Bird Area

ICES: International Council for the Exploration of the Sea

IMO: International Maritime Organisation

ISLES: Irish Scottish Links on Energy Study

IUCN: International Union for the Conservation of Nature

kWm-2: Kilowatt per metre squared

LDP: Local Development Plan

MeyGen: MeyGen Ltd

MMO: Marine Management Organisation

MOD: Ministry of Defence

MPA: Maritime Protected Area

MSP: Members for the Scottish Parliament

MTDG: Marine Tourism Development Group

MV: Motor Vessel

MW: Megawatt

NAFC: North Atlantic Fisheries College

NATS: National Air Traffic Service

NCMPA: Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area

NE: North East

NGL: Natural Gas Liquids

NMPi: National Marine Plan interactive

NPF: National Planning Framework

NRIP: National Renewable Infrastructure Plan

NSA: National Scenic Area

O&C: Opportunity and Constraint

OGA: Oil and Gas Authority

OSPAR: Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North East Atlantic

OWF: Offshore Wind Farm

PARC: Port and Resource Centre

PEXA: Practice and Exercise Area

PMF: Protected Marine Feature

pMPA: proposed Maritime Protected Area

pNCMPA: proposed Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area

pSPA: proposed Special Protection Area

QLS: Quarterly Location Statistics

RAF: Royal Air Force

RLG: Regional Locational Guidance

RSPB: Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

RYA: Royal Yachting Association

SAC: Special Area of Conservation

SCCS: Scottish Centre for Carbon Storage

SCOS: Special Committee on Seals

SEA: Strategic Environmental Assessment

SEIA: Social & Economic Impact Assessment

SEPA: Scottish Environment Protection Agency

SFDAD: Scottish Flood Defence Asset Database

SIMD: Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation

SLA: Special Landscape Area

SMRU: Sea Mammal Research Unit

SNH: Scottish Natural Heritage

SPA: Special Protection Area

SPG: Special Planning Guidance

SSACN: The Scottish Sea Angling Conservation Network

SSEN: Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

SSSI: Site of Special Scientific Interest

SW: South West

SXA: Scottish Exercise Area

TSS: Traffic Separation Scheme

UK: United Kingdom

UKMMAS: United Kingdom Marine Monitoring and Assessment Strategy

VMS: Vessel Monitoring System

WES: Wave Energy Scotland

WFD: Water Framework Directive

WMS: Web Map Service