Sectoral marine plan for offshore wind energy: context report

Explains the background and more recent developments in offshore wind.

2 Scotland’s Energy Demand and Energy Mix is Changing

2.1.1 The way we generate and use energy is changing rapidly and will continue to change over the coming decades. Key factors influencing change in Scotland include:

  • The need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy generation to tackle climate change;
  • The increasing demand for low carbon electricity for transport;
  • The continuing drive for energy efficiency to ensure that we use resources efficiently;
  • Ensuring security of energy supplies in an uncertain geopolitical context;
  • Tackling energy poverty and ensuring that energy is affordable;
  • An increasing focus on local energy systems, particularly to provide clean energy for Scotland, including island communities.

2.1.2 Scotland is committed to increasing the proportion of energy demand met by renewables as a key response to these drivers. As a nation with an abundance of renewable energy resources, the opportunity exists not only to meet domestic needs but also to export low carbon energy. The adoption of renewable energy technologies therefore also presents a significant economic opportunity for Scotland, including significant opportunity to lead on deep water offshore wind technologies.


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