Sectoral marine plan for offshore wind energy: strategic environmental assessment screening and scoping report

Sets out the proposed scope and level of detail for the assessment, as well as a description of the methodology.

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Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind Energy Encompassing Deep Water Options – Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening and Scoping report

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Consultation Questions

Consultees may find the following questions helpful to provide a focus for their responses on the joint Screening and Scoping Report. Please note that responses do not need to be confined to these questions, and more general comments on this report are also invited.

1. Are you content with the proposed scope and assessment methodology, including how reasonable alternatives to the Draft Plan will be assessed, set out in this joint Screening and Scoping Report (Section 4)?

2. The proposed evidence included in this joint Screening and Scoping Report will be used to inform the assessment process (Baseline information Section 5). What are your views on this and is there further information you feel should be considered?.

3. What are your views on the early work set out in the report to consider the likely environmental impacts of the Draft Plan (Section 3)? Are there additional environmental issues that should be considered?


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