Scottish Secure and Short Scottish Secure Tenancies: guidance for social landlords

Guidance for social landlords on using the changes to the law on assignation, subletting, joint tenancies and succession introduced in the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014.

Annex A: Letter Specifically Highlighting Changes to Carers

Dear <insert name>

Other people who live with you and help to look after you.

Is there someone who lives with you who helps to look after you? This may be because you have an illness, or disability, or just need help with everyday tasks, such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, help to get washed or dressed, or help to stay safe.

If someone, such as a family member, has moved in with you to help to care for you, then you need to let your landlord know.

Recent changes to legislation mean that for a person to succeed to your tenancy in the event of your death, they must have notified the landlord that they live with you and following that notification they must have been living in your home for at least 12 months. In order to avoid them having to move out in these circumstances it is important that you let your landlord know they are living with you. You can do this by <insert details>

In the future if anyone is planning to move in with you to help to look after you, it is better if they get some advice first about their rights as a carer and how giving up their own home may affect their future rights to a tenancy.

Advice is available from the local carers centre <insert details here> and from <insert contact details for landlord>

Yours sincerely

<insert details>



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