Scottish rural payments: schedule of key dates

Information for rural customers, particularly farming businesses and their agents.

This document summarises all key dates for farming businesses seeking to apply for funding from the Scottish rural paying agency, also known as the Rural Payments and Inspections Division of the Scottish Government.

Information covers the payment windows and the dates by which 95% of payments (by value) are expected to be made.

Dates for the start and end of different types of inspections, and application and payment dates for any loan schemes, are also included.

How to use this information

This table is published on a discretionary basis by Scottish Ministers in connection with their obligations to deliver the Common Agricultural Policy through the Scottish paying agency.

Final payment dates provided here are operational in nature and depend on a number of variables.

Dates are therefore subject to regular revision and should be considered ‘guidance’. No indemnity is offered by the publication of these dates for decisions made using this information.



If you have any questions about the contents of this document please contact email or contact your local Rural Payments and Inspections area office.

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