Scottish referral guidelines for suspected cancer

Guidelines to support primary care clinicians in identifying patients who are most likely to have cancer and therefore require urgent assessment by a specialist. Equally, they help in identifying patients who are unlikely to have cancer, embedding safety netting as a diagnostic support tool.

Appendix 2: Membership Of Guideline Steering Group 2018

Peter Hutchison Chair, retired General Practitioner, NHS Dumfries & Galloway
Hugh Brown General Practitioner, NHS Ayrshire & Arran, Chair of The Scottish Primary Care Cancer Group
Sara Twaddle Director of Evidence, Healthcare Improvement Scotland
Nicola Barnstaple Programme Director, Cancer Access Team, Scottish Government
Val Doherty Clinical Advisor, Cancer Access Team, Scottish Government
Andrew Grierson Project Manager, Cancer Access Team, Scottish Government, NHS National Services Scotland
Lorraine Sloan Strategic Partnership Manager, Scotland, Macmillan Cancer Support
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