Scottish Radiotherapy Patient Experience Survey 2014: Results for Edinburgh Cancer Centre

Results of the first Scottish Radiotherapy Patient Experience Survey 2014 for Edinburgh Cancer Centre.

1.0 Rated Results - Notes on Interpretation

The tables and charts below show how positively or negatively patients treated within this Radiotherapy Centre responded to questions within the 2014 survey. For each question, the percentages of positive, partly positive, neutral and negative responses are shown along with the total percentage of positive responses. A comparison to the Scotland 2014 result is also shown.

Notes on Interpretation

Number of responses - the number of patients within this Radiotherapy Centre who provided a valid response to this question. Note that patients who indicated that a question was not relevant, or who did not know the answer, are not included in the results.

Response - the percentage of positive, partly positive, neutral and negative responses received for this question within this Radiotherapy Centre. For example when asked if they were happy with the overall amount of information given before starting radiotherapy, the percentage positive refers to patients who said it was excellent or satisfactory. Where patients said it was poor or very poor these responses have been counted as negative. The coloured bars illustrate the percentage positive as green (darker green being entirely positive and lighter green being partly positive), and the percentage negative as red. Where answers were neither positive nor negative (neutral) the percentage is shown in yellow. Note that results have been rounded to the nearest whole percentage and this occasionally results in the sum of positive, neutral and negative percentages not adding up to exactly 100%; this is not an error.

% Positive 2014 - the percent positive result; the total percentage of patients who responded positively (very positive + partially positive) to this question within this Radiotherapy Centre.

Difference from Scotland 2014 - the difference between this Radiotherapy Centre's percent positive result and the equivalent result for NHS Scotland in 2014 (for example, -2 means that the result for this Radiotherapy Centre in 2014 is two percentage points lower than for Scotland as a whole).

S Indicates a statistically significant difference between the percent positive result for this Radiotherapy Centre and that of Scotland as a whole.

1.1 Rated Results - Consent

1.2 Rated Results - Information Before Radiotherapy Treatment and 1.3 Rated Results - Website Information

1.4 Rated Results - About Your Radiotherapy

1.5 Rated Results - Daily Treatment Visits

1.6 Rated Results - Information About Support and 1.7 Rated Results - Following Treatment

1.8 Rated Results - Your Overall Radiotherapy Care


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