Planning Circular 9/2009: memorandum of guidance on listed buildings and conservation areas

Guidance on the withdrawal and replacement of the memorandum of guidance on listed buildings and conservation areas.


2. Circular 13/1998 is now formally withdrawn, as its policy and guidance elements have been superseded by other documents.

3. The policy elements of the Memorandum have been superseded by the development of Scottish Ministers' Scottish Historic Environment Policy (which is published in a revised form on 27 July 2009).

4. The detailed guidance provided by the Annexes to the Memorandum is superseded by Historic Scotland's ' Managing Change in the Historic Environment' guidance note series. These are available on the Historic Scotland website. Where there are difficulties in downloading the documents hard copies can be provided by Historic Scotland's Inspectorate, Longmore House, Salisbury Place, Edinburgh EH9 1SH, tel 0131 668 8716. In the first instance the guidance notes will cover the topics dealt with in the Memorandum. In the longer term the guidance notes series will extend to provide guidance on other areas of the historic environment not previously covered by the Memorandum.

5. The Scottish Government published Scottish Planning Policy 23: the Historic Environment in October 2008. It is intended that the planning policy set out in SPP23 will be incorporated into a combined Scottish Planning Policy during 2009.


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