Planning Circular 2/2008: statutory guidance on strategic development planning authorities

Guidance setting out how planning authorities should work together to prepare strategic development plans.

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26. The preparation of up-to-date, relevant development plans is a cornerstone of the modernisation of the planning system and strategic development plans will lead the way in shaping the future growth of our largest city regions. The establishment of effective joint working arrangements is critical to the delivery of the new strategic development plans. This statutory guidance covers the overarching principles for SDPA governance and funding.


27. Any enquiries about this Circular should be addressed to Stephen Hall, Directorate for the Built Environment, Area 2-H, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh EH6 6QQ telephone (0131) 244 0626. Further copies of the Circular may be obtained by telephoning (0131) 244 7543 or from the Scottish Government website at:


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