Scottish National Research Framework for Problem Drug Use and Recovery

This document identifies the most important current research priorities relating to problem drug use and recovery in Scotland.


Problem drug use, the associated harms and an individual's journey to recovery impact on many aspects of Scottish life. It is essential that high quality research, with relevance to Scotland's challenges, is undertaken and used to inform not just government policies but also the work of Scotland's Alcohol and Drug Partnerships (ADPs) and the multitude of services supporting those affected that operate around the country.

To help define the most important current research priorities, the Scottish Government, in collaboration with leading academics in the drugs field, nationally commissioned organisations, NHS Health Scotland and ISD Scotland have developed this research framework document. Its aim is to further progress research into problem drug use, the common comorbidities encountered with it and how individuals can recover from problem drug use, while also addressing the associated wider issues.


Email: Michael Crook

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