Scottish National Accounts Programme: Whole of Scotland Economic Accounts Project

Estimates of supply and use by the offshore oil and gas industry, including exports, imports, and the supply chain links to the onshore economy.

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Balanced estimates of Scotland’s offshore gross value added (GVA) and the supply and use of goods and services by the oil and gas industry have been produced in this project. Results initially spanned the period 1998-2014 (with provisional estimates included for 2015 and 2016) and have been updated annually. This paper describes work to produce these experimental statistics, including the first estimates of Scottish trade which fully factor in North Sea oil and gas and the supply chain links between the offshore and onshore economies.

All results in this section are designated as experimental statistics. These are defined as new official statistics undergoing development and testing. The methods, data sources and results in this paper are open for ongoing consultation with users, and we welcome feedback on all aspects of the release. All users should be aware that the results in this paper are provisional and will be revised and updated when further developments are made. They should therefore be used with appropriate caution at this time.


29 January 2020 - satellite account summary tables have been updated to 2018, consistent with the Quarterly National Accounts 2019 Q3 and based on UK and Scottish Supply and Use Tables published in 2019.

13 April 2018 - An error was noted in Summary Table 4 and has been corrected. The results reported for Scotland and RUK in the HIGH scenario were each in the wrong column of the table. This has been fixed.

1 May 2019 - satellite account summary tables have been updated to 2017, consistent with Quarterly National Accounts Scotland 2018 Q4 and the Oil & Gas Commodity Balances for 1998-2017

Summary Tables 1998-2018
Supply and use satellite account tables 1998-2016
Summary tables 1998-2017
Summary tables 1998-2016
Supply and use satellite account tables 1998-2014


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