Scottish Milk and Healthy Snack Scheme – Implementation and Operation Group: terms of reference

Meeting of the Scottish Milk and Healthy Snack Scheme - Implementation and Operation Group terms of reference for meeting 2, paper 3.


The Milk and Healthy Snack Scheme (Scotland) Regulations 2021 were laid before the Scottish Parliament on Friday 19 February 2021, introducing the new Scottish Milk and Healthy Snack Scheme (SMHSS) replacing the UK Nursery Milk Scheme in Scotland from 1 August 2021.

The Scottish Government ambition is to ensure that as many children as possible attending eligible pre-school settings are in receipt of the milk and healthy snack policy, embedding the habit of regular consumption of high-quality dairy produce and fruit and vegetables from an early age.

The Scottish Government intends to gather learning using evidence and data from in-year (first six months) operation of the scheme in Year one to ensure that the Scheme as implemented is meeting its objectives or whether action is required as we look ahead to Year two and beyond.

Terms of reference

"The SMHSS Implementation and Operations Group will:

  • consider ways to maximise the opportunities to increase registration to the Scheme in order to maximise opportunities for improving child health, across different types of childcare settings in Scotland
  • consider and assess views and evidence, from an operational and delivery perspective at a national level, to ensure the Scheme is meeting policy objectives
  • provide initial scheme year one advice and recommendations to Scottish Ministers by end of spring 2022 on operation and delivery of the Scheme from August 2022 (Year two) onwards, including on Local Serving Rates for Milk and a Healthy Snack.”


 It is proposed that the membership will be the following:

  • chair – Scottish Government
  • secretariat – Scottish Government
  • two representatives from COSLA
  • one representative from Scotland Excel
  • three representatives from local authorities
  • two representatives from child care settings
  • two representatives from the dairy sector
  • Scottish Government Policy teams (Milk and Healthy Snack Scheme / ELC)

It is proposed that members should nominate one representative from their organisation who can deputise at meetings as required.

In addition to those attending the Implementation and Operation Group Meetings, there will be a correspondence group of selected, interested parties who will receive copies of the papers but not attend the meetings. Members will be invited to nominate groups and organisations for inclusion in the correspondence group.


The Implementation and Operations Group should meet at least once every two months between September 2021 and March April 2022 with additional meetings depending on group priorities (See Annex for proposed work plan). 

Once the Group has provided advice and recommendations in relation to the SMHSS Year two and beyond, consideration will be given to the need for further meetings. 

The Secretariat will aim to produce minutes of the meetings within two weeks of a meeting.

Minutes will be published on the Scottish Government website once agreed by the group.


Should you find that a conflict of interest arises between your business/work interests and your role on the Implementation and Operations Group, we would advise that it is incumbent on you to identify such to the Scottish Government.

Scottish Government Officials will provide further guidance as appropriate. Otherwise, we would simply reiterate the need to maintain confidentiality on relevant matters.

A structured agenda detailing the purpose of each discussion will be issued before each meeting.

Minutes of each meeting will be distributed in draft to all members for comment ahead of finalising and publication on the relevant Scottish Government webpage.

Members of the group should adhere to the agreed agenda set out in advance of the meeting.

Members of the group should respect and consider the opinions of other stakeholders in the group.


The proposed membership above are invited to endorse these terms of reference and administrative arrangements for the SMHSS Implementation and Operations Group.


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