Scottish Marine Protected Areas (MPA): monitoring strategy

The Scottish Marine Protected Area (MPA) monitoring strategy outlines an approach to MPA-related survey and monitoring to ensure that sufficient information is collected to underpin assessment and reporting obligations.

5. Components of the Strategy

The Strategy will consider each of the following in turn:

  • What monitoring or evidence gathering is required? [Section 6]
  • Whether existing monitoring activities or evidence gathering can meet these requirements? [Section 7]
  • Where monitoring will be undertaken [Section 8]
  • How the monitoring will be conducted [Section 9]
  • Who will be responsible for gathering the data? [Section 10]
  • How the data should be managed [Section 11]
  • Ensuring the Strategy is effective [Section 12]

Each of these aspects is considered in more detail. A diagram illustrating the components of the Strategy is provided overleaf.

Figure 3. The key components of the Scottish MPA Monitoring Strategy.
A flow diagram showing how to use the MPA Monitoring Strategy by considering what is required, whether existing activities or evidence can meet your needs, where and how data will be collected and who should manage data.



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