Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Volume 6 Number 2: Spatio-temporal variability in Scottish smolt emigration times and sizes

Information on smolt sizes is required to plan acoustic tagging studies aiming to improve understanding of fish movement and behaviour in the coastal zone, to aid planning for marine renewables. This report assessed pre-existing information on smolt migra


We would like to thank all those organisations that contributed data to the SFCC data collation contract and particularly to Sean Dugan ( SFCC Manager) for compiling much of the data used in this report. We would also like to thank Ross Glover, Julian McLean and Gordon Smith for providing data from MSS monitoring sites. Data from the Girnock and Baddoch Burns and the North Esk were generated under Marine Scotland Science projects FW03n and FW01n. We thank Donna-Claire Hunter for developing the initial concept of the project and undertaking exploratory data analysis, and Rob Fryer for expert statistical advice. This report is an output from Marine Scotland Science project Re01n, under the management of Donna-Claire Hunter.


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