Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Volume 4 Number 1: Annual Cycles of Physical, Chemical and Biological Parameters in Scottish Waters

Tables describing the annual cycles of physical (temperature, salinity, density and water column stability), chemical (nitrate, orthophosphate, silicate, ammonia and oxygen saturation) and biological (particulate organic carbon, particulate organic nitrog

Table Explanation

For each sea area two tables are presented:

1. Mean values

2. Standard deviations

On each table the following information is given:

1. Area name (code letters).

2. Northern latitude of sea area.

3. Southern latitude of sea area.

4. Western longitude of sea area.

5. Eastern longitude of sea area.

6. Total number of stations in sea area from which mean and standard deviation computed.

7. Minimum sounding observed in sea area.

8. Maximum sounding observed in sea area.

9. Number of data points.

10. Minimum sampled depth.

11. Maximum sampled depth.

Data is then split into near-surface values and near-bottom values. The depth range of each layer is indicated. The following notes apply to the data presented within the data tables:

Mean Values

1. < - this symbol implies the mean value for that month has been determined by interpolation from adjacent months.

2. Blank - no data is available for these months, and none from adjacent months +/-2 months).

Standard Deviations

Value of 0 - this implies that only one value of this parameter was available.

The tables described for the sea areas are listed at the back of this document. Other tables can easily be generated for other defined areas and can be produced as necessary. However, in the majority of any other defined areas outside of the areas listed in this document are likely to contain very little data to construct a table with any meaningful data.


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