Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Volume 3 Number 4: The Distribution of Zooplankton Prey of Forage Fish in the Firth of Forth Area, East Coast of Scotland

Part of a study investigating forage fish population dynamics and recruitment

variability in the Firth of Forth.


Guillermo Gomez Garcia was funded for 6 months (between 1 April and 30 September 2011) by the Leonardo da Vinci Program of the European Commission from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ( FULPGC). Guillermo was hosted in the Zooplankton Ecology Group, Marine Scotland Science, Marine Laboratory Aberdeen and supervised by Alejandro Gallego (Oceanography Group).

Guillermo would like to thank Robert Watret and Alejandro Gallego for instruction on how to use Golden Software Surfer 8 to grid and plot the data, Steve J. Hay, John Fraser, Kathryn Cook, Michael Penston, Susan Robinson and Jens Rasmussen for tuition on zooplankton taxonomic analysis, Íñigo Martínez for help with graphics and pie charts and Simon Greenstreet for providing information about the Firth of Forth study area.


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