Scottish Inpatient Patient Experience Survey 2011 Volume 1: National Results

Scottish Inpatient Patient Experience Survey 2011 Volume 1: National Results


Experiences of Scottish inpatients are similar to last year

1.1 We found that the experiences of Scottish inpatients were similar to last year. Scottish inpatients were again generally positive about their hospital stay.

1.2 We found some areas of improvement from last year:

  • Patients were generally slightly more positive about their experiences of the doctors.
  • The largest increase was a 4 percentage point increase in the patients who had enough time to speak to the doctors to 82 per cent.

1.3 We also found some areas where the experiences of patients were worse than last year:

  • The percentage of patients who were told how long that they would have to wait in A&E decreased by 5 percentage points to 49 per cent.
  • The percentage of patients who were happy with the food and drink that they received decreased by 4 percentage points to 67 per cent.

1.4 Other interesting findings from this report

  • Of the five stages of the inpatient journey, patients were most positive of their experiences of the staff and least positive about the arrangements made for them leaving hospital.
  • There were improvements in the experiences of inpatients at about half of NHS Boards. However at other NHS Boards the experiences of patients were similar to last year, and at two NHS Boards they were worse.
  • There was no real change in the value of Scotland Performs Healthcare Experience Indicator. This indicator gives an overall summary of the experience of Scottish inpatients across all aspects of their hospital stay.
  • The experiences of Scottish and English inpatients were similar.

About the survey

1.5 These results are from the 2011 Scottish Inpatient Patient Experience Survey. The survey was sent to adult inpatients (aged 16 years old or above on discharge) who had an inpatient hospital stay between October 2009 and September 2010.

1.6 Results for individual hospitals are available at:

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