Scottish household survey 2017: methodology and fieldwork outcomes

Methodology of the Scottish household survey 2017 and information on fieldwork targets and outcomes.

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Primarily, thank you to the 10,683 householders who agreed to fully participate in the survey. Without your goodwill and support the survey would not be possible. We would also like to express our thanks for the commitment and determination of the fieldwork team who collect the data. The Scottish Household Survey data is collected from homes all over Scotland by a team of around 100 interviewers, 50 surveyors and a small number of Regional Managers.

Thank you to all the people involved in the development, implementation and reporting of the Scottish Household Survey results.

Special thanks go to Ipsos MORI for their continued support and advice across all aspects of the survey management and equally to CA Design Services who organise the physical fieldwork and manage the telephone helpline and BRE who conduct modelling with SHS data.

Thanks also the Office of Chief Statistician team, Scottish Government, for their contributions to this report and all of the lead analysts in the Scottish Government for their contributions to the main report.



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