Scottish household survey 2016: key findings

Short report summarising the key findings from the Scottish household survey 2016: annual report.

Sport and physical activity

Sport and Physical Activity

In 2016 the vast majority of adults (79%) had taken part in physical activity and sport in the previous four weeks.

Participation in all physical activity and sport remained relatively constant between 2007 and 2010 (around 72%). Recently people have become more active. The rise in physical activity is driven by the rise in recreational walking.

Participation in sport & exercise in past month

51%: Excludes Walking

79%: Includes Walking

Regular sports participation (including walking) since 2007

Frequent participation (on more than 15 days in the past 4 weeks) was undertaken by just under half (48%) of people.

This was a slight drop from 50% in 2015 but a pronounced improvement from the 36% of 2007.

2007: 36%

2016: 48%


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