Scottish House Condition Survey: data access

How to access data from the Scottish House Condition Survey.

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Data Access

The simplest way to get results on the SHCS is to examine the publications that have already been published, which are available via the SHCS collection page.  Providing access to the underlying microdata is of interest to users who wish to undertake their own analysis.

  • the UK Data Service provides access to key microdata that has undergone appropriate disclosure control
  • special dataset requests offer the opportunity to access more detailed microdata
  • follow-up survey requests offer the opportunity to access a sample frame for secondary studies

UK Data Service

Microdata from the SHCS is available from the UK Data Archive. The data covers the period 2012 to 2019.

Appropriate disclosure control measures have been applied to the data. The variables that are available include most of those from the physical survey, a selection of the variables produced as part of the energy modelling (e.g. modelled fuel use and emissions, energy performance and environmental impact ratings and bands) and fuel poverty variables. The fuel poverty variables provided are consistent with the definition of fuel poverty as set out in the Fuel Poverty (Targets, Definition and Strategy) (Scotland) Act 2019. They reflect amendments made to the legislation during the Bill process up to and including Stage 2.

Furthermore, the data includes an identifier that allows users to link to the data from the Scottish Household Survey available from the UK Data Archive.

Special Dataset Requests

A request to be provided with a special dataset can be submitted where the data available from the UK Data Archive does not contain all the information you require.

Such requests are made by completing an application form, which asks for the data specification needed to inform the decision on releasing the required information. It will be necessary to set up a data sharing agreement and it may be necessary to conduct a Data Protection Impact Assessment. 

The application form should be completed and submitted to, along with any other documents that are required. 

Follow-up Surveys

A follow-up survey provides opportunities to researchers to use the SHCS to identify a sample for follow-up research. This may allow more detailed probing of certain sub-groups or variables of interest, and to examine under-lying issues within the data.

If you wish to submit a request then the process is the same as that for a special dataset request outlined above.

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