The Scottish Health Survey 2022: summary report

Key findings from the Scottish Health Survey 2022 report.


The Scottish Health Survey (SHeS) is commissioned by the Scottish Government Health Directorates to provide reliable information on the health, and factors related to health, of people living in Scotland that cannot be obtained from other sources. The series aims to:

  • estimate the occurrence of particular health conditions
  • estimate the prevalence of certain risk factors associated with health
  • look at differences between regions and between subgroups of the population
  • monitor trends in the population’s health over time
  • make a major contribution to monitoring progress towards health targets

Key findings from the 2022 survey are presented here alongside some trends. Further discussion of the findings and full documentation of the survey’s methods and questionnaire can be found in the 2022 annual report available from the SHeS website:

SHeS pages on the Scottish Government website. The report is accompanied by a set of web tables for 2022.

Key trends and indicators for NHS health boards and local authorities are available in the online SHeS data dashboard.



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