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Local energy policy statement: consultation

Published: 9 Oct 2019

Scotland's Energy Strategy, published in December 2017, included the development of 'innovative local energy systems' as one of six strategic priorities. To support that aim, a commitment was made to develop a Local Energy Position Paper, which would set out a series of key principles and associated outcomes for project delivery agents to consider during the development of future renewable energy projects.

Local energy policy statement: consultation
Consultation Questions: Summary

Consultation Questions: Summary


1. Are you clear on the purpose of the statement? Please explain your view.

2. What are your views on the 10 principles?

3. How can the Scottish Government encourage stakeholders to adopt the principles set out within this document?

4. Are you clear about the roles of all the different stakeholders who may be involved in the development of local energy systems?


5. How can we ensure that all socio-economic groups in all regions across Scotland will benefit from the transition?

6. How can we ensure that people and communities across the whole of Scotland can participate in local energy projects?


7. What do you think the wider benefits of developing local area energy plans might be?

8. How can we encourage greater collaboration between the key parties involved in the development of local energy plans?

9. How do we ensure that whoever is leading a local energy plan is fully integrated into the LHEES process?

Networks & Infrastructure

10. What infrastructure challenges are you aware of that present an obstacle to delivering local energy projects? What actions would help solve the issue?

11. What other actions could the Scottish Government take to ensure Scotland will have the necessary infrastructure in place to enable resilient, local energy systems?

Pathway to Commercialisation

12. What significant barriers are there to the replication of existing local energy projects and systems in Scotland that this policy statement should take account of?

13. What actions can we take to accelerate the focus on economically and commercially viable low carbon local energy solutions in an inclusive way?


14. How can we ensure that Scotland capitalises on the economic opportunities from the development of local energy systems?

15. Do you have any opinions on the initial focal typologies chosen?

16. How can local energy considerations become business as usual for industry?