Local energy policy statement: consultation

Scotland's Energy Strategy, published in December 2017, included the development of 'innovative local energy systems' as one of six strategic priorities. To support that aim, a commitment was made to develop a Local Energy Position Paper, which would set out a series of key principles and associated outcomes for project delivery agents to consider during the development of future renewable energy projects.


The purpose of this policy statement is to set out the approach the Scottish Government wishes to see embedded in practice and behaviours of all stakeholders as Scotland's energy system becomes increasingly decentralised (i.e. energy being generated close to where it will be used).

Our approach recognises that there will be a greater role for considering local solutions to meet local needs: ones which are more complex and operate using smarter technologies and new "disruptive" business models. There will also be a greater need to build strong partnerships and collaboration at a local level.

The statement is underpinned by a set of key principles, and associated outcomes, that we wish to see adopted. They represent the values we consider are critical to ensure a just, inclusive energy transition - one that has consumers at its centre, supported by strong partnership working and collaboration at a local level.

The statement does not aim to provide project guidance or delivery models, but aims to provide a vision that will guide and inform decisions taken by everyone participating in or developing local energy systems projects. However, it is not a final Scottish Government position - we are keen to gain stakeholders views on the approach to ensure that the final document is one that has endorsement from a wide range of interested parties.

For the purposes of this statement, the definition of "local energy systems" is as follows:

Local energy systems are ones which find ways to link the supply and demand of energy services within an area across electricity, heat and transport, delivers real value to everyone in local areas, and support the growth of vibrant, net zero local economies.


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