Funeral director licensing scheme: consultation analysis report

Analysis report of our consultation on the funeral director licensing scheme for Scotland.


1 Other areas of the funeral sector such as burial authorities and cremation authorities would not be subject to licensing

2 See NRS website for 2022 Vital Events. Fourth quarter 2022 available online.

3 Final report (

4 Dignity Funerals. Time to Talk About Quality and Standards: What people assume, want and expect from funeral directors.

5 The Funeral Director Code of Practice was approved by the Scottish Parliament in January 2024, and it is intended that it will be formally issued by Scottish Ministers and come into force in March 2024.

6 Those who responded by email did not have these questions available so were contacted directly (where permission for further contact was given) to ask this question.

7 The one non-standard response received (which did not follow the consultation question format) was categorised as ‘agree’ based on explicit comments within their submission.

8 The one non-standard response (which did not follow the consultation question format) was categorised as ‘neither agree nor disagree’ based on clear comments within their response

9 Scottish Ministers may make a scheme for the licensing of funeral directors’ businesses by virtue of section 94(1) of the 2016 Act. The 2016 Act does not contain powers for Scottish Ministers to make a separate licensing scheme for funeral directors business owners personally.



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