Support for Veterans and the Armed Forces community: report 2017

This document sets out the work that is being done to respond to the recommendations made in the Scottish Veterans Commissioner’s first three reports.

3. Transition

The Scottish Veterans Commissioner's first report Transition in Scotland [10] (2015) focused on the challenges faced by personnel leaving the forces and making the transition into civilian life.

While for many this is a positive experience, for some support is required in making the transition from the dedicated arrangements for health and accommodation experienced whilst serving. Many of the specific recommendations on transition made by the Scottish Veterans Commissioner have since been picked up by the subsequent two reports and are covered in the sections which follow; particularly on housing and employability.

In addition, the Scottish Government continues to have dialogue with the Ministry of Defence about how best to ensure that relevant and up to date information is provided to those leaving the Armed Forces and settling in Scotland. The Scottish Government has also helped develop a Scotland annex for the 2017 Covenant Guidance for Local Authorities [11] , which provides useful and specific information for Scottish Local Authorities about Healthcare, Education, Accommodation, Employment, Training and Support for the Armed Forces Community.

Since the publication of the Transition in Scotland report, the Scottish Government has also engaged with academics such as those at Anglia Ruskin University; and we continue to give consideration to their work, such as the Employment Hub, which was launched recently.


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