Scottish Government Rural Affairs and the Environment Strategic Research Strategy 2011 - 2016

The strategy behind the Scottish Government's Rural Affairs and the Enviroment Strategic Research 2011-2016

7. Governance arrangements

Research Portfolio

A Strategic Research Programme Board has been established to help oversee effective deployment of the RAE Research spend. Chaired by the Director of Environment and Forestry (the Directorate within which the research portfolio sits) and comprising a mix of Scottish Government officials and external experts the Board:

  • provides oversight, advice and direction, as required, to different elements of the research portfolio;
  • ensures coordination of the different elements of the research portfolio and alignment with wider policy and research agendas;
  • receives reports on performance and delivery from each of the different elements of the strategic research portfolio;
  • makes decisions to resolve any issues of performance and to ensure effective management of risk.

Research Programmes

The Directors Executive Committee oversees delivery of the research outputs from the Environmental Change and Food, Land and People programmes. Comprising the Directors of the four MRPs and with a rotating Chair the Committee:

  • provides the focus for effective coordination of activity between the Main Research Providers;
  • directs and manages resources to ensure delivery of the 2011-16 Strategic Research Programmes;
  • ensures that knowledge exchange is an integral part of delivering the Programmes;
  • identifies and prioritises new opportunities and suggests ways in which the MRPs could respond to these through changes to the research programme.

Centres of Expertise and Strategic Partnerships

The Strategic Partnership for Food and Drink Science and the three Centres of Expertise have individual Steering Groups while the Strategic Partnership for Animal Science Excellence has a Scientific Advisory Panel. These Groups provide advice and recommendations to the initiative Directors and any associated management group. Any issues arising from the recommendations of the Steering Groups that cannot be addressed within the Centre or Strategic Partnership, by consulting the RESAS Project Officer, or by referral to the Directors Executive Committee, are brought to the attention of the Strategic Research Programme Board as the ultimate governance authority.


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