Scottish Government Rural Affairs and the Environment Strategic Research Strategy 2011 - 2016

The strategy behind the Scottish Government's Rural Affairs and the Enviroment Strategic Research 2011-2016

1. Introduction

The Scottish Government funds, through Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services (RESAS) division, a portfolio of strategic scientific research and related activities to support the development and delivery of rural and environmental policy and achievement of the Government's purpose and wider objectives as set out in the National Performance Framework (Annex 1).

The Strategic Research Portfolio (SRP) within the Rural Affairs and Environment (RAE) Portfolio supports a Greener, Smarter and Wealthier Scotland and contributes towards the achievement of a number of national outcomes including:

  • We value and enjoy our built and natural environment and protect it and enhance it for future generations;
  • We reduce the local and global environmental impact of our consumption and production;
  • We are better educated, more skilled and more successful, renowned for our research and innovation.

The SG's RAE investment in scientific research provides a foundation for the sustainable use of our natural resources, the productivity and profitability of our agricultural sector and rural businesses, the prevention and effective management and control of animal and plant diseases and our ability to respond effectively to global challenges such as food security and climate change. The funding also helps maintain Scottish-based scientific capability of international standard and associated infrastructure at the Government's Main Research Providers (MRPs)1.

This Strategy sets out:

  • The wider strategic context for the Government's research investment in the Rural Affairs and Environment (RAE) portfolio;
  • The strategic objectives for our research investment and research priorities for the 2011 - 2016 research programme;
  • Our approach to knowledge exchange;
  • How we monitor progress and assess the impact of our research investment;
  • Future plans.


Email: Scott Boyd

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