Response to the Working Group on consumer and competition policy

Our initial response to the Working Group's final report on consumer protection and competition policy.


In considering the Working Group's recommendations, two themes have emerged.

First, consumer protection will only be effective if all four pillars - advocacy, advice, enforcement and redress - are strengthened and supported to interact as part of a holistic approach.

Second, consumer protection is part of a wider landscape which includes competition and regulation. Exploiting the synergies between all three areas will allow for the design of flexible, targeted solutions to consumer and market issues.

The Working Group's recommendations provide a good foundation for developing a Scottish consumer and competition policy that reflects these themes and better matches Scotland's need and circumstances.

The Working Group was established to ensure that our policy is developed as a collaborative effort, influenced by those with practical expertise and experience. We will continue to work in partnership with experts in these areas and other stakeholders as we take this work forward.


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