Non-Binary Equality Working Group recommendations: Scottish Government response

The Scottish Government carefully considered the recommendations of the Working Group on Non-Binary Equality. This response outlines our position on each recommendation, and it will form the basis of our commitment to develop an action plan to take this work forward.


Participation in Decision-Making

Recommendation 1

Meaningfully include marginalised people in decision-making by making processes accessible, including through financially compensating individuals for their time and contributions, and by prioritising the participation of people who are marginalised in multiple ways.



Scottish Government Response

The Scottish Government recognises the value of including the public in policymaking and is committed to achieving wider participation. This is particularly important in communities which the policies in question will directly impact, including individuals who experience multiple forms of marginalisation. We acknowledge that in many cases members of these communities are less likely to have the social or financial capital to participate effectively without compensation.

Officials are beginning to develop a process and guidance for compensating participants. This process will then be mapped to other participation work including in policy development and provision of lived experience across Scottish Government.

We acknowledge that compensation is not limited to financial remuneration – i.e. paying participants a sum of money, which can sometimes interact with their tax liability or eligibility for state support/benefits. It can also include other forms of pastoral care including childcare, support with technology, travel expenses, and equipment.



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