Draft regulations making provision in relation to social security appeals: government response

This report covers the views of all those who provided feedback during the consultation process and explains where the draft regulations have been revised.

Working in Partnership

7. Since spring 2017, Scottish Government has been working closely with the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service ( SCTS) to set up the new chamber. The project is overseen by a Project Board, which includes representation from SCTS, Judicial Office for Scotland and officials from Scottish Government's Social Security Directorate.

8. A Judicial Reference Group ( JRG) was also established in February 2018 under the direction of the President of the Scottish Tribunals, who gave the group the authority to provide advice, guidance and to assist with the establishment of the new chamber. It consists of legal members of the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland, who are also judges in the current reserved Social Entitlement Chamber and supporting officials from the Judicial Office for Scotland and SCTS. The judiciary was recognised as a key partner and its advice and assistance has been essential in the delivery of a functioning tribunal service. This support has been fully appreciated by the Scottish Government


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