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Reaching 100% broadband programme - open market review

Published: 16 Dec 2016
Digital Directorate
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Open Market Review (OMR) to establish existing and planned commercial coverage of broadband services across Scotland.

Reaching 100% broadband programme - open market review
Annex A

Annex A

Please provide details and supporting evidence of any current or planned investment in broadband infrastructure (basic broadband and NGA broadband) in Scotland. In the case of planned investment, we are particularly interested in plans for the coming three years (to 2019). Beyond completion of the OMR spreadsheet template (or instead of the spreadsheet if you are not able to provide the information in the required template form), any information provided in response to this request should include but not be limited to:

  • Premises detail for basic broadband and NGA broadband showing the existing coverage and separately maps detailing the planned investment in the basic broadband and NGA infrastructure networks for at least the next three years;
  • Exact detail of premises passed or covered, including information on the number of premises passed (in the case of a fixed network) or covered and able to receive services (in the case of a wireless/satellite network);
  • Details of the technology and where these claim to be NGA, demonstrate how they meet the minimum standards as set-out in the BDUK Technology Guidelines [3] .
  • Description of the services/ products currently offered and separately those to be offered within the next 3 years;
  • Installation and rental tariffs for those services/products clearly identifying whether they are inclusive or exclusive of VAT;
  • Upload and download speeds typically experienced by end users;
  • Appropriate indicators of quality of the service e.g. contention ratio or bandwidth allocation per end user;
  • Evidence to substantiate actual or planned coverage claims including business cases and evidence of available funding to enable plans to be fulfilled.
  • Details and timing of roll-out for future investment; and
  • Confirmation from an authorised signatory that all information provided is of suitable accuracy.

Please supplement with supporting evidence as you consider appropriate e.g. public websites.