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Policy Paper on BBC Charter Renewal (September 2016)

Published: 9 Sep 2016
Culture and Major Events Directorate
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Our updated policy position on BBC Charter Renewal.

Policy Paper on BBC Charter Renewal (September 2016)


1. See correspondence received by the Education & Culture Committee from the BBC, 24 December 2015. Available at: BBC%20charter/BBCResponse.pdf.

2. See Office for Budget Responsibility's latest Economic and fiscal outlook published on 8 July 2015.

3. In cash terms this is a reduction from £3.9 billion to around £3.5 billion over the same period.

4. The savings also finance a package of new proposals estimated to cost £150 million outline in the BBC Trust report BRITISH BOLD CREATIVE.

5. BBC may ask over-75s to give up free TV licence, BBC News website, 25 January 2016

6. See BBC Scotland Studios is available at:

7. More information on BBC Worldwide is available at:

8. Full detail of the available information on the BBC spend in Scotland is available in the BBC's response (dated 24 December 2015) to the request for additional information by the Education & Culture Committee (dated 10 December 2015).


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