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Gaelic Language Plan 2015-2020: draft for consultation

Published: 27 Apr 2015
Learning Directorate
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Arts, culture and sport

Draft Scottish Government plan regarding the development of Gaelic.

Gaelic Language Plan 2015-2020: draft for consultation
Annex A: Responding to this Consultation

Annex A: Responding to this Consultation

Consultation is an essential and important aspect of the Scottish Government working methods. Scottish Government consultation exercises aim to provide opportunities for all those who wish to express their opinions on a proposed area of work to do so in ways which will inform and enhance that work.

The Scottish Government is seeking views on the second iteration of its Gaelic Language Plan, to inform the execution of our commitment to Gaelic, and to inform how we can best support the development of the Gaelic language in Scotland.

We are inviting responses to this consultation paper by Monday 22 June 2015. You may respond by completing our online questionnaire, available at

Alternatively, you may complete the form found in Annex B below and send to:


Ruaraidh MacIntyre
Gaelic Plan Officer
Learning Directorate
The Scottish Government
Area 2B(S)
Victoria Quay

If you have any queries please contact Ruaraidh MacIntyre on 0131 244 3111.

The Scottish Government may make the responses to this consultation paper

available to the public and to the Scottish Parliament. Please complete the relevant sections in the response form to ensure that we will treat your response appropriately. All responses will be acknowledged, analysed and considered by the Scottish Government Gaelic & Scots Team.

Respondents should be aware that the Scottish Government is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 and would therefore have to consider any request made to it under the Act for information relating to responses made to this consultation exercise.


Email: Ruaraidh MacIntyre

Phone: 0300 244 4000 – Central Enquiry Unit

The Scottish Government
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