Scottish Government Equality Outcomes: Ethnicity Evidence Review

This evidence review was prepared to support the production of the Scottish Government's Equality Outcomes, with regard to ethnicity.

17 Appendix: Methods

17.1 Limitations of the research: it should be noted that, due to the time constraints under which this review was prepared, the evidence search has been selective rather than systematic or exhaustive. For the Ethnicity report in particular, this has contributed to an emphasis on the Gypsy/Traveller group, caused by the selection of reports read to date rather than by their relative weight in the ethnic minority population. However, the EHRC141 does state that this group faces the most severe inequalities (p78).

17.2 The criteria for inclusion of evidence in this review were that it should have been produced within approximately the last ten years, be based on ideally on Scottish or else on UK data, and address the relevant policy areas. Note that both "ethnicity" and "race" (and their derivations) have been used interchangeably in the search. It should further be noted that survey data disaggregated for this group in Scotland yield very small sample sizes, from which firm conclusions cannot be drawn.

17.3 The principal sources that have been checked in detail include:

  • Joseph Rowntree Foundation: Poverty and Ethnicity in Scotland142
  • EHRC: How Fair is Britain? Equality, Human Rights and Good Relations in 2010: the First Triennial Review143
  • EHRC: Equality Issues in Scotland: a Review of Research, 2000-08144
  • EHRC: Pay Gaps Across the Equality Strands145
  • Scottish Government: Hate Crime in Scotland 2011-12146
  • EHRC: Accommodation Needs of Gypsy and Traveller Communities in Scotland147
  • EHRC: Inequalities Experienced by Gypsy and Traveller Communities148.


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