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Scottish Government COVID-19 Advisory Group minutes: 30 April 2020

Published: 3 May 2020
Date of meeting: 30 Apr 2020

A note of the eleventh meeting of the COVID-19 Advisory Group held on Thursday 30 April.

3 May 2020
Scottish Government COVID-19 Advisory Group minutes: 30 April 2020

The Advisory Group discussed the evidence on outdoor transmission and agreed to carry out further work looking at the potential positive and negative impacts of changing restriction measures relating to exercising and spending time outside.

The group discussed work on the current rate of transmission, including the potential to make a distinction between community rates of transmission and transmission in care homes and hospitals.

A paper on hospital and care home transmission was discussed, including the desirability of using data to identify good infection prevention and control practices. The group also discussed the impact on patients of potential repeated testing, which involves invasive nasal swabbing.

The need for a whole-systems approach to data was discussed, with the group noting that a group has been set up to facilitate improved data sharing. The group agreed the importance of data being made available to NHS and the research community in a timely fashion.