Publication - Minutes

Scottish Government COVID-19 Advisory Group minutes: 26 March 2020

Published: 31 Mar 2020
Date of meeting: 26 Mar 2020
Date of next meeting: 29 Mar 2020

A note of the first meeting of the COVID-19 Advisory Group held on Thursday 26 March.

31 Mar 2020
Scottish Government COVID-19 Advisory Group minutes: 26 March 2020

Items and actions

  1. It was agreed that comprehensive work is already taking place in the SAGE, SPI-M, SPI-B and NERVTAG groups and that this group will take care not to duplicate that work; rather the group will seek to apply relevant evidence to the specific context in Scotland.
  2. The group considered what sort of data it would be desirable to see in order to inform discussions, such as further information on the susceptibility of different population groups to COVID19 and the levels of compliance with countermeasures against viral transmission in different groups.
  3. Currently available data sources were discussed, including data on Health and Social Care demand; modelling based on SAGE advice and adapted for the Scottish context; and research studies on Covid 19 underway that group members are involved in.
  4. The Group agreed its priorities are to provide a source of rapid and flexible expert advice to the CMO and Ministers as specific questions on the context in Scotland arise; and to provide technical advice to the Scottish Government Modelling team. For example, evidence of lower rates of compliance with countermeasures in particular groups may suggest consideration of additional communications efforts tailored to those groups , and updates on the reproduction rate and size / timing of the peak would inform NHS capacity planning.