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Scottish Government COVID-19 Advisory Group minutes: 2 April 2020

Published: 4 Apr 2020
Date of meeting: 2 Apr 2020

A note of the third meeting of the COVID-19 Advisory Group held on Thursday 2 April.

4 Apr 2020
Scottish Government COVID-19 Advisory Group minutes: 2 April 2020

Items and actions

The Chief Medical Officer said that her current priorities for the group were understanding transmission of the virus in hospitals, further developing the application of the SAGE epidemiological modelling to the context in Scotland, as the pandemic progresses, to support mobilisation and planning in the NHS and social care, as services come under more pressure. 

The group received an overview of the current work in progress on testing, which included a number of ongoing workstreams. The group agreed that it is best placed to assist with a strategy for the optimal use of testing as capacity increases. A number of group members are currently developing relevant work and this will be presented to the group for further discussion next week. 

There was a discussion of the current process of modelling carried out by Scottish Government and links to the work for the whole of the UK produced by the Imperial team for SAGE. The group agreed the importance of ensuring that the data flow between Scotland and UK was smooth and clearly coordinated and agreed the principle that modelling for Scotland should be based on the UK models but adapted for specific Scottish circumstances and local data. 

The group discussed the data taskforce being established to enable data sharing between the NHS and researchers with the aim of enabling rapid evidence-based policy responses. The group agreed that it will be of vital importance to ensure that patient data is shared responsibly but with a minimum administrative burden to ensure data can be used timeously.