Scottish Government COVID-19 Advisory Group minutes: 12 October 2020

A note of the thirty-fourth meeting of the COVID-19 Advisory Group held on 12 October 2020.

Items and actions

​​​​​​1. The group met for an informal briefing meeting to hear about current policy developments in matters of interest to the group.

2. The group heard a presentation on progress with implementation of the Scottish Government’s current testing strategy ('Coronavirus (COVID-19): Scotland's testing strategy - adapting to the pandemic') and the work underway to renew it in light of the most recent developments in the pandemic and the Scottish Government’s plans.

3. The group also heard a presentation on the developments in the Scottish Government’s Shielding Policy ('Coronavirus (COVID-19): shielding - a way forward for Scotland') and the work being done to take this forward in light of the latest developments in the pandemic.

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