Scottish Government Climate Change Plan: EIR review

Information request and response under the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations 2004.

Information requested

With respect to the Scottish Government Climate Change Plan ("the plan"), and specifically the "Update to the Climate Change Plan", "ANNEX C: Derivation of Sector Emissions Envelopes", please provide:

  1. The research from Element Energy, described on page 25 of the document "CLIMATE CHANGE PLAN: The Third Report on Proposals and Policies, 2018-2032, Technical Annex;
  2. The data and documents referred, also on page 25 of the Technical Annex, as being "sourced from UK TIMES, the Transport Model for Scotland, Scottish Transport Statistics, the Scottish Government’s Energy in Scotland publication, as well as publications from BEIS and Ricardo-AEA";
  3. Emails, correspondence, documents with relevant parties relating to the process of incorporating the Element Energy data (at (A)), and the data from others sources at (B), into the TIMES model.



1. This research is published here.

2. The analysis referred to was conducted by Element Energy for Scottish Government. The various sources are identified and, where possible, linked below. Scottish Government does not hold a comprehensive record of which specific data, for which purpose, was taken from which source. 

  • Data on vehicle fleet and transport demands from Scottish Transport Statistics. All STS are published here.
  • Transport forecasts.
  • UK TIMES: the relevant input spreadsheets are provided as part of response to EIR 202200331119.
  • Energy In Scotland.
  • Ricardo-AEA (R-AEA). EE lists 7 reports used for their work, in the table below:


Source     Data relevant to EE project
R-AEA for CCC 2012 - A review of the efficiency and cost assumptions for road transport vehicles to 2050
  • ICE cost trends
  • Electric motor cost
R-AEA for ICCT 2012 - Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Potential of Light Duty Vehicle Technologies in the European Union for 2020–2025  ICE efficiency improvement and CO2 reduction potential
R-AEA for ECF 2013 – Fuelling Europe's Future    
  • ICE cost trends
  • Electric motor cost
R-AEA for EC 2011 – Reduction and Testing of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions from Heavy Duty Vehicles – Lot 1: Strategy Efficiency improvement measures and potential
R-AEA for DfT 2009 – Review of Low Carbon Technologies for Heavy Goods Vehicles Efficiency improvement measures and potential
R-AEA for Low CVP 2012 - Opportunities to overcome the barriers to uptake of low emission technologies for each commercial vehicle duty cycle ICE and hybrid efficiency improvements
R-AEA for LowCVP 2012 – Preparing a low CO2 technology roadmap for buses
  • ICE efficiency improvement measures and potential, timescales, costs
  • Alternative powertrain potential, timescales, costs

3. No items were found which meet these criteria.

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