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Scottish Exchange of Data: school estates core facts

Published: 11 Mar 2021
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Information and documentation relating to the provision of data for the annual School Estates core facts data collection.

11 Mar 2021
Scottish Exchange of Data: school estates core facts


Information is collected on the extent, condition and sufficiency of the school estate. Information is used at both national and local level to inform targets, spending decisions, support monitoring and evaluation of progress over time and support assessments of value for money.

The results of the school estate core facts survey data for financial year 2019-20 can be found at School estate statistics 2020 - (

2021 Survey

Data submissions for this collection are made online via ProcXed. A user guide for ProcXed and a link to the login page can be found here.

Your prepopulated template is sent directly to you in a go-live email from the ScotXed Unit. 

If you have any questions please contact us at

Survey Timetable

ProcXed available

1 April 2021

Census date

1 April 2021

Submission date

6 May 2021

Survey Documentation 2021

Please note:

- the two questions introduced last year, seeking date of most recent condition survey, and date of most recent suitability survey, are required questions this year.

- there are two new (free text) questions this year asking which version of the guidance you have used to assess the Condition and Suitability of a school.  As new questions, these are optional this year. 

- There is a new funding option, code 6 on the template, “Scottish Government Learning Estate Investment Programme” (after 5 “Other”).

- we now ask you to record all confirmed plans to change Condition and/or Suitability, not just for schools that are presently C or D.

The blank template here is for reference - you should, however, use the pre-populated template sent with the go-live email