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Scottish Exchange of Data: school establishments

Published: 8 May 2017
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Rolling and annual survey to maintain up-to-date a database of all the schools in Scotland.

8 May 2017
Scottish Exchange of Data: school establishments


The details of all schools (and other educational establishments) are held by Education Analytical Services on our Scottish Educational Establishment Database.  It is essential that this database is correct and up-to-date, as the information it holds underpins many areas of work on education in Scotland, such as the annual School/Pupil and Staff censuses.

To ensure that the Scottish Government and local authorities have access to the same information about school establishments on a timely basis, we operate a rolling collection, which allows you to update your establishments data at any point in the year using ProcXed.  A user guide for ProcXed, together with a link to the ProcXed dashboard can be found here.

There remains an annual deadline by which time your local authority must confirm that the data reflects the known status of your schools for the forthcoming academic year.  This year the deadline is Friday 23rd July 2021. Please refer to the Guidance Notes below. After the annual submission of data, we will re-open the form allowing you to make any updates in the course of the year as they arise.

The rolling collection form will only allow you to update information about schools and their departments (e.g. primary, secondary, special, pre-school).  Requests for SEED codes for other types of centre (e.g. Educational Maintenance Allowance recording, nursery school, virtual centre, etc.) should be directed to us via the mailbox:

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