Scottish Donation and Transplant Group (SDTG) – Note of 18 November 2021 Meeting

Minutes of the Scottish Donation and Transplant Group Meeting - 18 November 2021

7. Any Other Business

Written Updates

40. Iain Macleod referred the group to the written updates circulated with the papers.

Next meeting

41. The next meeting will take place on 31 March at 14:00, via Microsoft Teams.

Summary of Action Points

Action 1 – The Scottish Government Workforce Strategy to be shared with SDTG members when published – Secretariat, Scottish Government

Action 2 – Typo in paragraph 49 of the 19 August minutes to be a corrected and updated minute to be sent out to members – Secretariat, Scottish Government

Action 3 – Meeting to be arranged between Andy, Shona and Roseanne to discuss support that can be provided to the working group by NSDSecretariat, Scottish Government

Action 4 – Priority 5.1 working group to speak with NSD regarding involvement in patient focus groups – Lesley Ross/ Colin Church, Priority 5 Working Group Chairs

Action 5 – Bi-monthly meetings to be arranged with the co-chairs taking forward the Transplant recipient support and aftercare workstreams – Secretariat, Scottish Government

Action 6 – Meeting to be arranged between the Policy Team and NSD to consider how best to communicate with NHS Inform – Scottish Government/ Roseanne McDonald, NSD

Action 7 – Communicating COVID-19 updates for transplant recipients to be raised at next COVID-19 planning meeting on 23 November – John Casey, Clinical Advisor for Transplantation in Scotland



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