Scottish Donation and Transplant Group (SDTG) – Note of 18 November 2021 Meeting

Minutes of the Scottish Donation and Transplant Group Meeting - 18 November 2021

Minute of Meeting of Scottish Donation and Transplant Group, Thursday 18 November 2021


Mr John Casey (Co-chair) - Joint Chair and Clinical Advisor for Transplantation in Scotland

Dr Iain Macleod (Co-chair) - Joint Chair and Clinical Advisor for Organ Donation in Scotland

Dr Richard Appleton - Consultant in Anaesthesia and Critical Care, Scottish Intensive Care Society

Mr John Asher - Consultant Renal Transplant Surgeon, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Lynne Ayton - Director of Operations Heart, Lung and Diagnostics Division, Golden Jubilee Hospital

Dr Andrew Bathgate - Consultant Hepatologist, NHS Lothian

Sumrah Chohan - Human Tissue Authority

Anthony Clarkson - Director of Organ Donation and Transplantation, NHSBT

Dr Colin Geddes - Chair of the Transplant Recipient Support and Aftercare working group, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Sharon Grant - Team lead for Organ and Tissue Donation Policy, Scottish Government

Susan Hannah - Regional Manager for Scotland, NHSBT

Neil Healy - Lead Nurse for Tissues, Cells and Advanced Therapeutics, SNBTS

Dr Martin Johnson - Consultant Physician, Golden Jubilee National Hospital

Stephen Kirkham - Patient representative

Jen Lumsdaine - Living Donor Co-ordinator, NHS Lothian

Roseanne McDonald - Associate Director for Specialist Services and National Planning, NHS National Services Scotland

Andrew McKie - Secretariat, Scottish Government

Shona Methven - Consultant Nephrologist and Renal Service Clinical Director

Mr Gabriel Oniscu - Consultant Transplant Surgeon and Clinical Director, Edinburgh Transplant Unit

Mark Print - Patient representative

Dr Ben Reynolds - Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Dr Lesley Ross - Patient representative

Joanna Swanson - Interim Head of Health Protection Division, Scottish Government

Dr David Turner - Consultant Clinical Scientist, SNBTS

Andrew Walls - Organ Donation Regional Committee Chair, NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Linda White - Policy Manager, Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation, Scottish Government

Dr Sharon Zahra - Clinical Lead, Tissues, Cells and Advanced Therapeutics, SNBTS


Sam Baker - Donation Policy Branch Head, Scottish Government

Lisa Burnapp - President of British Transplantation Society/ OTDT Medical Team: Associate Medical Director

Dr Colin Church - Consultant, Golden Jubilee National Hospital

Dr Jonathan Dalzell - Consultant Cardiologist, Golden Jubilee National Hospital

Adam Duncan-Rusk - Business Manager, Renal, Transplant and Dermatology

Professor Deirdre Kelly - Professor Deirdre Kelly, NHSBT

Dr Ann-Margaret Little - Consultant Clinical Scientist, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Mr Alex McGuire - Golden Jubilee National Hospital

Dr Neal Padmanabhan - Consultant Nephrologist, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Ms Jessica Porter - Head of Regulation, Human Tissue Authority

Dr David Walbaum - Consultant Nephrologist, NHS Grampian

Dr Charles Wallis - Regional CLOD and Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine, NHS Lothian



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